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Emily Troedson is a director/producer based in Los Angeles, CA, and originally from Minnesota where, after a brief stint teaching English and Mythology, she worked for nearly a decade in film, animation, and digital production, eventually making her debut feature, Blue Balloons

As a producer, she's managed projects ranging from no-budget to Ultra-low and is experienced with SAG-AFTRA and IATSE union regulations. Her work has been supported by

Film Fatales, Alliance of Women Directors, and Women in Film with screenings at Cannes, Heartland Film Festival, Indie Memphis, and Twin Cities Film Fest, and she's worked on productions for NBC, Comedy Central, Netflix, Lifetime, CryptTV, and BET.

Emily founded the company, Goat Song Films, where she currently serves as President.

The name originates from Greek tragedy when a choral dance was performed around a goat in honor of Dionysus, the god of harvest, wine, theater, and religious ecstasy. The ethos behind

the goat-song—passion, renewal, growth—is what inspires her work.

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